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My Extreme Passion for MLB and Vaporizer Reviews

When it comes to the everyday life I lead, I have to admit that there are only 2 things I really care about. I am not married so I do not worry about a spouse. I have zero children so I worry less about that. All of my family is gone so they are of no concern to me. Writing on this blog is how I make my living so I worry very little about my job since I own the blog and the content. The 2 things that really get me going are baseball and vaporizers. Sounds like an odd combination but the reality is that I have learned opposites attract and when it comes to writing, the same holds true. There would not seem to be much connection between baseball and vaporizer reviews but yet I make a great living writing about both things. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to add both of these things together. I use to write 2 separate blogs but now I focus all of my energy on the one blog that attacks 2 issues.

Baseball is a great sport but I have to admit that I have been left upset by my beloved Atlanta Braves. They looked so promising at the beginning of the season and they have just fallen apart. I really think they need a shake-up in the executive branches but that is just me. I would also argue that the players need to spend more time reading my vaporizer reviews so they would understand that a relaxed mind is the key to hitting the ball. These guys can’t hit the ball. If they would read the vaporizer reviews that I write they would know that a vaporizer is a great tool for helping you relax your mind and your body. it can help lower stress levels and they have even been known to help your muscles recover faster. Baseball is a game of attrition and these guys could take full advantage of the issues if they would only try the vaporizers.

I would also like to mention the fact that the vaporizer reviews are not just focused on one brand. I look at all the major brands and even a few of the smaller ones. All of vaporizers have some good qualities and they could all make a huge difference in the life of the game of baseball. MLB is a great league and they deserve to have a great product like a vaporizer in the clubhouse. Although I would not be surprised to learn that the commissioner would ban the use. I would even argue that he might threaten a Pete Rose style removal and banishment if they don’t like my vaporizer reviews. So who knows?

If you need relaxation or relief from sore muscles, try a vaporizer. It might just change your life for the better.

Tips For Going To See The Atlanta Braves Baseball Team Play

I have only been to see the Atlanta Braves play one time and I totally enjoyed it. I am going to give you a few pointers and tips for the next time you go to see a game. Bring a soft cooler to carry your own snacks and drinks in. If you have a lot of kiddos you are going to want to save as much money as you can by bringing your own snacks and drinks to keep them occupied. If you try to take a hard cooler into the game you will be told that you cannot do so, that is why I am telling you to take a soft cooler inside with you. The drinks and snacks at these games can be outrageous so do yourself a favor and save your money by bringing your own with you.

Another tip I will tell you is to always look on Stubhub before purchasing your tickets. I can be much cheaper to purchase your tickets through Stubhub than it can be to purchase them from the box office. If you are willing to go see a game during the middle of the week you can sometimes find seats as cheap as $20 each. I know that for my family going during the week would be the best option because we don’t have a lot of extra money to do fun things with.

If you don’t want to be in the direct Atlanta heat then you need to remember to sit down the third baseline. Atlanta can get really hot during baseball season and if you or a family member typically get burned keep this in mind.

Learning About Prepping Through Baseball

I have been a huge baseball fan for most of my life. There was a time when I was a young boy that I would laugh at the idea of watching a 3 hour game, but that time has long passed. Once I reached the age of 10 I was finally able to understand the game. Like many others I was introduced to the Atlanta Braves through the great television station known as TBS. Watching the Braves during the Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz years was amazing. That love of the game pushed me towards an ever growing appreciation for the game and the players that play it.

So when I finally started making preparations for the future, I was amazed when I discovered that prepping and baseball have a lot in common. Keep an open mind for a second and follow me closely. Baseball is a game of errors. The eventual winner of any game is the team that can capitalize on the other teams errors while keeping their own errors down to a minimum. So if the game is all about errors, then why does the error column not reflect this? Simple. A strikeout is an error in hitting. A missed fly ball is an error in running. You get the idea? So lets bring this back to prepping.

Prepping is not about hording and it certainly has nothing to do with politics. Prepping is about getting a person on base and then bringing them home through selfless play. When a person decides to prep they are saying that they want to be in control of there future. They are saying that they want to make sure that their family is taken care of. In order to get a man on base in baseball the player at bat needs to either secure a base hit or a walk. IN order to be secure in prepping you need to focus on the essentials such as canned food, water, clothing, and even medication.

Over the years I have learned that in order for a baseball team to be successful they must be learned in the basics, as well as willing to place the team ahead of their own self. This is the same for the prepper. Prepping is not about you. It is all about making your family secure. So the next time you start thinking about prepping be sure that you are looking at this thing through the lens of a baseball team. Have you secured the basics? Have you managed to get on base by having a secure location and the ability to defend it? Are you able to bring the runs home by having enough preparations to last for 3-6 months at a time? This is where you need to start the conversation.

A V2 Cigs Review Helped Me Write About MLB Baseball

I have been a fan of MLB Baseball for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid and played little league, I had every expectation that I would someday be playing in some of the major league ballparks. Sadly, I lacked the talent needed to advance to that point.

Though I didn’t have what it takes to play in the major leagues, I never lost my love of baseball, and have managed to make a splash in the major leagues, not as a ballplayer, but rather as a journalist who follows the league and gets to write news articles about all sorts of baseball related issues.

When I was in college, I somehow managed to pick up a smoking habit. I’m really not sure how it happened. I literally stood up one night after an all-night study session and realized I’d gone through an entire pack of cigarettes while studying.

It took some work, but I did manage to at least get my habit under control. I never feel the need to smoke during the day when I’m active and following all the MLB baseball coming and goings. The nighttime, which is when I sit down and do my actual writing, things are more difficult. I find it impossible to write without the help of nicotine. No matter how long I stare at the computer screen, if I don’t have something to smoke, the words simply won’t come.

I wasn’t happy about my smoking habit but I never really felt any need to do anything until I developed a nasty and persistent cough. My doctor didn’t seem to worried about it, but I was terrified that it was the first sign I was about to develop lung cancer and decided that it was time to look into ways to ditch my smoking habit.

I tried some nicotine gums and patches, but I didn’t notice much of a difference. They might give my system the nicotine it had come to expect, but I missed the feel of the cigarette in my hand while I was trying to work my way through a sticky part of an article. I’d obsess about the situation until I eventually gave in and grabbed a pack of cigarettes.

I randomly stumbled upon a V2 Cigs review when I was looking for information on something different. I’d heard about electronic cigarettes before but never paid them much attention. Curious about what all the hullaballoo was about, I decided to check out a few websites and find a V2 Cigs review. By the time I finished the V2 Cigs review I was fascinated. I didn’t believe the author of the V2 Cigs review truly found the vaporizers to be just like cigarettes. Determined to prove them wrong, I purchased my own starter kit.

It’s a good thing I decided to try out the product and didn’t just call out the reviewer. Although I don’t know that they’re just like standard cigarettes, the electronic cigs do give me something to do with my hands and contain nicotine, creating a combination that makes it possible for me to write. I’m very glad I made the change.

Predicting the Outcomes of MLB Baseball

I am a huge fan of MLB. I always look forward to the start of the season so this is my favorite time of year. The baseball year is well underway and the intrigue is all around. Last year we saw a few teams that made huge strides by making the playoffs. The Atlanta Braves were by far the surprise team of the year. Sure they had a great pitching staff but the bats were not very strong. Despite the struggles of Dan Uggla and BJ Upton, the club was able to make it through the regular season and win the National League East crown. So what does this tell us about this year’s squad? Absolutely nothing.

Baseball is notorious for parity. One year a team can win it all and the next year they can fall apart and find themselves in rebuilding mode. The Braves have a solid team but they have lost a ton of talent in the rotation. Kris Medlin alone is the biggest loss the team has sustained. Apart from this you have to understand that Uggla and Upton are still struggling. They are lost causes in my estimation.

So what will the year look like? I propose that the Miami Marlins are going to be the surprise winner of the NL East crown this year. I also think the Yankees are destined to reclaim their grip on the AL East. Apart from this I have no clue. The Dodgers are a crapshoot and the Giants are always solid. I would say that the World Series is going to be between the New York Yankees and the Milwaukee Brewers. I know that sounds odd but this is the series that I am going with.

I Can’t Wait For Baseball Season to Begin!

Winter is almost over and I can’t wait for spring to show up so that baseball season can begin! Ever since I was a kid I remember being so excited in anticipation of baseball games to start. I suppose my love of the game started with my dad. He was a huge baseball fan and during the season would always have one game or another on the television. Even if there were no Major League Baseball games on, he would find a college or other kind of baseball game to watch.

When I was a kid I really like watching the pros, but since we didn’t live near any Major League teams, I really liked to go to and watch the minor league games. Thankfully the team that played in my hometown was pretty good and many people enjoyed watching them. My father loved to take me and my brothers to games all of the time. I think my mom really enjoyed it too, because it meant she finally had some time to herself.

Now, as an adult, I still enjoy going to minor league games when I can. Fortunately, I found a great job in the big city where my favorite major league team plays. I haven’t been able to get season tickets quite yet, but I am working on it and have been to quite a few games and have loved going to each one. My goal now is to get my dad to come and visit and go to a game with me and my son. It would be so great to have three generations of baseball lovers enjoy a Major League game together.

The Latest Major MLB News

Last night was a marquee night in the world of baseball. In case you have not heard, the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers have completed a trade for Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler. On the surface this is a huge, blockbuster trade that could possibly have ramifications all over the baseball world. However lets take a few moments and dissect this trade and see what we can learn from this major news. First, the Tigers have been called the major winners in this trade. The reasoning is very simple. The Tigers were on the hook for 167 million dollars with the remaining 9 years on Prince Fielders contract. The contract was awarded 2 years ago. Kinsler, on the other hand, has a remaining 60+ million on his contract. On the surface the Tigers have won financially simply because they have removed 100 million dollars from their books.

However, lets take a moment and explore the deeper meanings and implications of this trade. The Tigers are in a position that they need the extra cash. They are literally up against the wall when it comes to the money they have available. The biggest issue facing the Tigers is keeping their starting rotation together. Max Sherzer is due a huge payday and the Tigers wanted to keep him. This trade helps keep the starting pitching in tact. On the other side, the Rangers desperately needed a big bat. They lost Josh Hamilton a few years ago and they are in major need of production and home run power. The trade looks like a huge coup de tat for the Rangers, in my opinion. Sure, Fielder will strike out a lot, but Fielder is durable. He will not miss games. That makes him invaluable.

Date Nights on the Boat Dock

When we first got married, my wife and I vowed that we would always set aside at least one night a week that would be our official date night. This was a great plan until we ended up with three children under the age of five running around our house. By the time our third child came, neither of us could remember when the last time we had even managed to be alone together had been, much less when our last official date night had taken place.

We really made an effort to put some romance back into our marriage, but every time we made any plans, something always seemed to screw everything up. Babysitters canceled at the last minute, my mother was supposed to take the kids for a weekend but just before that could happen, she fell and broke her shoulder. One of us would get called into work at the last minute.

I was starting to think that the next time my wife and I would ever be able to do any of the things we’d once enjoyed, our kids would be grown and moved out.

That was when my wife surprised. I was disappointed, the babysitter had just canceled for what felt like the 900th time and I was irritated. I got home and was startled to find my wife all dressed up in fancy clothes. She ordered me to change. Half an hour later, we were sitting on our boat dock, sipping mixed drinks, eating a dinner she’d had delivered, and getting some much needed alone time. We had simply parked the kids in front of one of their favorite movies and made sure we brought the baby monitor out with us in case and fights broke out. We watched the sun set before finally going back in where we found all three of our kids sound asleep.

After that night, we stopped trying so hard. Whenever one of us felt like we needed to take a break, we simply put the kids in front of the television and headed out to the Boardwalk construction. The older our kids got, the longer we could stay out, and the less we felt like we needed to bring the baby monitor along. We even got a sweet little boat that we keep tied to the dock for those nights when we feel like we need even more distance from the kids.

The really neat thing is seeing how our kids have followed in our footsteps. The oldest two have reached the point where they have started to date and several of those dates, especially the ones that are really special, like before big school dances, have taken place out on our old boat dock building. That marine track has become part of the family!

The Controversy Around Baseball And Steroids

For many years there has been a controversy of whether or not steroids can help out a baseball player’s game or not. Steroids CAN increase ones stamina and create more muscle mass in a person and give an increase in performance, but there are several cons to taking them.

Steroids are hard on the body. You can have all sorts of side effects from taking them such as acne, excessive hair growth. These side effects are small however and may not deter many from taking steroids. Once you hear that steroids can cause liver damage and even cancer, you may think twice about taking them.

If you are interested in improving your baseball game, then the best thing you can do is practice. As we have all heard and learned in our lives, practice makes perfect. Practicing your game each and every day is a much better way of improving it than taking steroids is. Besides, it is the best way to play fair as well. You want to win the baseball game because you are the best player, not because you are taking a drug that helps you be that way.

Steroids may seem to be a good thing to start with, but in the long run your body will feel the ill effects from them. There are reports of baseball players over the years using steroids to help their game but there are no records of any game or season being won by the use of steroids. It is best then if you want to be an honest and healthy person that you stay away from steroids. Let’s keep the all American game of baseball good and free from steroids.

Tips For Coaching Children’s Baseball

If you are considering coaching a baseball team, perhaps even your child’s team, there are a few tips you may need to put to use. One of the best places to get information on coaching a baseball team is the internet. You can Google all sorts of information on the topic of coaching.

The most important thing to know before coaching a children’s baseball team is to show the kids how fun it is and make sure they know that it is just a game and they should have fun while playing it.

Secondly you need to pick a game plan and make it easy for the kids to understand. You need to realize that you have to teach on a child’s level but you are also going to be working with the parent’s of these children as well. Parents can sometimes be more of a problem than the kids are. Learn to work with the parents but learn to keep your standards where you want them as well.

Set up practices ahead of time and make sure that every parent knows exactly when practice days and times are going to be. Find out any conflicts that they may have and mark them down so that you know who is going to be there and who will not. Don’t let the parents bully you into changing your dates and times, stick with your guns.

Be sure to teach good sportsmanship and take every opportunity given you to teach it. Your kids will love you for it in the end. They may not like stopping the game every few minutes to discuss things, but it will be good for them and their future.