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Continued Futility In MLB Baseball

When it comes to losing a big opportunity MLB has all the bases covered. It doesn’t take a mental giant to see that the once favorite sport of the masses has been reduced to a dwindling crowd of older people. In a time when the NFL and the NBA are going global, MLB is still stuck in the third world countries of Cuba and Venezuela. Sure, they have taken their product global but they are doing it poorly. I guess then it should come as no surprise that while the MLB bosses are tanking everyday so are the clubs. There are tremendous clubs in baseball that have done a great deal of work to be good. Some of the most recognizable names in baseball are the Braves, Cubs, and the Yankees. The Yankees have not won a title in almost 10 years. The Cubs have not one a title in over a hundred years. The Braves on the other hand have continued to sparkle from time to time only to learn that they are not real gold but rather fool’s gold.

MLB baseball is a dying brand and it can only be rescued when the bosses are willing to do something different. As the numbers for games keep dropping and the brands keep tanking, the bosses are still raking in millions or billions of dollars. The influx of new money is enough to make people like Craig Calcaterra say that MLB baseball is fine. But we all know the real truth. MLB baseball is about a good old boys network. It is about the money for the bosses and nothing else. Just like Ted turner ran WCW into the ground while he siphoned off the billions of dollars, so too will the MLB baseball bosses. They are killing the game.

Tips For Going To See The Atlanta Braves Baseball Team Play

I have only been to see the Atlanta Braves play one time and I totally enjoyed it. I am going to give you a few pointers and tips for the next time you go to see a game. Bring a soft cooler to carry your own snacks and drinks in. If you have a lot of kiddos you are going to want to save as much money as you can by bringing your own snacks and drinks to keep them occupied. If you try to take a hard cooler into the game you will be told that you cannot do so, that is why I am telling you to take a soft cooler inside with you. The drinks and snacks at these games can be outrageous so do yourself a favor and save your money by bringing your own with you.

Another tip I will tell you is to always look on Stubhub before purchasing your tickets. I can be much cheaper to purchase your tickets through Stubhub than it can be to purchase them from the box office. If you are willing to go see a game during the middle of the week you can sometimes find seats as cheap as $20 each. I know that for my family going during the week would be the best option because we don’t have a lot of extra money to do fun things with.

If you don’t want to be in the direct Atlanta heat then you need to remember to sit down the third baseline. Atlanta can get really hot during baseball season and if you or a family member typically get burned keep this in mind.

Predicting the Outcomes of MLB Baseball

I am a huge fan of MLB. I always look forward to the start of the season so this is my favorite time of year. The baseball year is well underway and the intrigue is all around. Last year we saw a few teams that made huge strides by making the playoffs. The Atlanta Braves were by far the surprise team of the year. Sure they had a great pitching staff but the bats were not very strong. Despite the struggles of Dan Uggla and BJ Upton, the club was able to make it through the regular season and win the National League East crown. So what does this tell us about this year’s squad? Absolutely nothing.

Baseball is notorious for parity. One year a team can win it all and the next year they can fall apart and find themselves in rebuilding mode. The Braves have a solid team but they have lost a ton of talent in the rotation. Kris Medlin alone is the biggest loss the team has sustained. Apart from this you have to understand that Uggla and Upton are still struggling. They are lost causes in my estimation.

So what will the year look like? I propose that the Miami Marlins are going to be the surprise winner of the NL East crown this year. I also think the Yankees are destined to reclaim their grip on the AL East. Apart from this I have no clue. The Dodgers are a crapshoot and the Giants are always solid. I would say that the World Series is going to be between the New York Yankees and the Milwaukee Brewers. I know that sounds odd but this is the series that I am going with.

I Can’t Wait For Baseball Season to Begin!

Winter is almost over and I can’t wait for spring to show up so that baseball season can begin! Ever since I was a kid I remember being so excited in anticipation of baseball games to start. I suppose my love of the game started with my dad. He was a huge baseball fan and during the season would always have one game or another on the television. Even if there were no Major League Baseball games on, he would find a college or other kind of baseball game to watch.

When I was a kid I really like watching the pros, but since we didn’t live near any Major League teams, I really liked to go to and watch the minor league games. Thankfully the team that played in my hometown was pretty good and many people enjoyed watching them. My father loved to take me and my brothers to games all of the time. I think my mom really enjoyed it too, because it meant she finally had some time to herself.

Now, as an adult, I still enjoy going to minor league games when I can. Fortunately, I found a great job in the big city where my favorite major league team plays. I haven’t been able to get season tickets quite yet, but I am working on it and have been to quite a few games and have loved going to each one. My goal now is to get my dad to come and visit and go to a game with me and my son. It would be so great to have three generations of baseball lovers enjoy a Major League game together.

The Latest Major MLB News

Last night was a marquee night in the world of baseball. In case you have not heard, the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers have completed a trade for Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler. On the surface this is a huge, blockbuster trade that could possibly have ramifications all over the baseball world. However lets take a few moments and dissect this trade and see what we can learn from this major news. First, the Tigers have been called the major winners in this trade. The reasoning is very simple. The Tigers were on the hook for 167 million dollars with the remaining 9 years on Prince Fielders contract. The contract was awarded 2 years ago. Kinsler, on the other hand, has a remaining 60+ million on his contract. On the surface the Tigers have won financially simply because they have removed 100 million dollars from their books.

However, lets take a moment and explore the deeper meanings and implications of this trade. The Tigers are in a position that they need the extra cash. They are literally up against the wall when it comes to the money they have available. The biggest issue facing the Tigers is keeping their starting rotation together. Max Sherzer is due a huge payday and the Tigers wanted to keep him. This trade helps keep the starting pitching in tact. On the other side, the Rangers desperately needed a big bat. They lost Josh Hamilton a few years ago and they are in major need of production and home run power. The trade looks like a huge coup de tat for the Rangers, in my opinion. Sure, Fielder will strike out a lot, but Fielder is durable. He will not miss games. That makes him invaluable.

The Controversy Around Baseball And Steroids

For many years there has been a controversy of whether or not steroids can help out a baseball player’s game or not. Steroids CAN increase ones stamina and create more muscle mass in a person and give an increase in performance, but there are several cons to taking them.

Steroids are hard on the body. You can have all sorts of side effects from taking them such as acne, excessive hair growth. These side effects are small however and may not deter many from taking steroids. Once you hear that steroids can cause liver damage and even cancer, you may think twice about taking them.

If you are interested in improving your baseball game, then the best thing you can do is practice. As we have all heard and learned in our lives, practice makes perfect. Practicing your game each and every day is a much better way of improving it than taking steroids is. Besides, it is the best way to play fair as well. You want to win the baseball game because you are the best player, not because you are taking a drug that helps you be that way.

Steroids may seem to be a good thing to start with, but in the long run your body will feel the ill effects from them. There are reports of baseball players over the years using steroids to help their game but there are no records of any game or season being won by the use of steroids. It is best then if you want to be an honest and healthy person that you stay away from steroids. Let’s keep the all American game of baseball good and free from steroids.

Tips For Coaching Children’s Baseball

If you are considering coaching a baseball team, perhaps even your child’s team, there are a few tips you may need to put to use. One of the best places to get information on coaching a baseball team is the internet. You can Google all sorts of information on the topic of coaching.

The most important thing to know before coaching a children’s baseball team is to show the kids how fun it is and make sure they know that it is just a game and they should have fun while playing it.

Secondly you need to pick a game plan and make it easy for the kids to understand. You need to realize that you have to teach on a child’s level but you are also going to be working with the parent’s of these children as well. Parents can sometimes be more of a problem than the kids are. Learn to work with the parents but learn to keep your standards where you want them as well.

Set up practices ahead of time and make sure that every parent knows exactly when practice days and times are going to be. Find out any conflicts that they may have and mark them down so that you know who is going to be there and who will not. Don’t let the parents bully you into changing your dates and times, stick with your guns.

Be sure to teach good sportsmanship and take every opportunity given you to teach it. Your kids will love you for it in the end. They may not like stopping the game every few minutes to discuss things, but it will be good for them and their future.

When You Want to Become A Better Baseball Player

The best way to become a better baseball player is by practicing. Practice some each and every day and you will benefit from it. Read and watch all the baseball games you have time to watch. Immerse yourself in the game and you are sure to see the benefits.

Another way to become a better baseball player is to find some other type of sport you would like to participate in during the off season. This will help you not to get burned out. Perhaps trying to learn a new sport would be a good idea so that you can focus on learning a new skill. This is also going to be a good way to give your overused muscles a break during the off season of baseball.

It’s never too early or too late in your baseball career to learn something new from an instructor. Take a few lessons when you have time and you may find that you learn something new. This is good if you have been in the business of baseball for a long time because you may have forgotten a few of the basics that can help your game out greatly.

Lastly practicing with a tee can help improve your swing and consistency. You may feel as if you are moving backwards by doing this, but it really will help to improve your game if you are willing to do so. Remember also to have fun with the game and to always remember what it is that drew you to it in the first place.

Psychological Ways To Improve Your Baseball Game

There are a few things you can do as a baseball player to help you with your game. Of course, practice is the best thing that can improve your game but there are also a few psychological things you can do to improve your game as well.

You should spend the entire day before your baseball game preparing mentally for your game. Go over strategies you have been working on and think about each of these over and over. Create a pre-game routine just as you would get yourself ready for bed at night. Your mind is a powerful tool if you are willing and you know how to use it for your benefit.

Visualizing your competition is also a great way to prepare for a baseball game. You can think about the typical moves of the other team and go over ways in your head to defeat these actions. This type of mental preparation can go a long way towards helping you to win games.

Visualizing yourself as being one of the winning team members is also a good way to prepare for the game. Did you know that if you concentrate and visualize positive outcomes that you are more likely to have a positive outcome than if you don’t? It is very true, just put it to the test and see!

Also it is a good idea to keep a fun outlook on the game. After all it is just a game and if you worry too much about winning and forget how fun it is to play you are going to be losing all the way around.

A Couple Tips For Every Baseball Hitter

Baseball is an all American sport that has come to be loved and cherished by many. Although baseball is fun there are a ton of things that need to be known by every baseball player in order to be successful. In this blog post we will look at just two things that every baseball hitter should know and learn.

First of all every baseball hitter needs to be able to feel some sort of freedom in their game. Each hitter needs to find out what makes their swing the most natural and free it can be. Each baseball player has their own natural rhythm to the game and it is important for each of them to be able to have the freedom to find out just what their natural rhythm is. If you are playing for a professional baseball team that will not allow you this freedom then you should most definitely find a team that will. If you are free to be you then you will be more able to make the team succeed as a whole.

Secondly every baseball hitter needs to learn how to control the bat and his or her body movements. You will have to move different ways until you find which way makes you the most comfortable. Once you find which style fits your body best, then you can begin to work on repeating your swing over and over again until you get what is called muscle memory. Your body will adjust to the way you swing and soon you will find that your swing will improve every day. The key to control over the bat is to learn how to use the right muscles to start the swing.