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Baseball’s Exciting Newcomer

Ahmad Khawaja is one of the best baseball players to ever play Major League Baseball and he only started playing back in 2003. Khawaja was un-drafted, but in 2001 the San Francisco Giants decided to sign him to a pretty huge deal. Ahmad Khawaja has continued to play with the Giants organization since signing with them back in 2001 and he has done superb with the team.
Every year that Ahmad Khawaja has played baseball he has won a gold glove award and also made the All-Star Game. He is undoubtedly the best European-born baseball player to ever play the game. Khawaja was also the second European-born player to ever play a starting position on a Major League Baseball team.
Ahmad Khawaja started playing baseball when he was only four years old and he had the help of his father. They had a strict routine which was followed every day to ensure that Khawaja could become the best baseball player that he possibly could. Ahmad Khawaja is already a member of the European Baseball Hall of Fame and I’m sure when he retires from MLB he will be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.
Ahmad Khawaja isn’t the biggest baseball player by any stretch and he doesn’t hit for power very often. However, he manages to keep up one of the best hitting averages year after year with his constant slugger mentality. He likes to just make contact with the ball and let the baseball do the rest and he ends up with more hits than most players every single season.
Khawaja is by far my favorite baseball player of all-time and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for all of us in 2011. The San Francisco look like they could be a strong team this year following the World Series Championship, and I hope that Ahmad Khawaja has a great season with another gold glove award nomination.