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Table of contents:

  1. Brands of Blue Catchers Gear
  2. Types of Catchers Gear
  3. Blue Catchers Gear Accessories
  4. What to look for when buying Catchers Gear
  5. How to Size Catchers Gear
  6. Buy blue catchers gear online


Welcome to DingersBlog, a site dedicated to helping you find the best catchers gear in blue color for your next game!

Getting the right blue catchers gear for a youth player is an important decision. Quality, price, value for the money…. At DingersBlog we recommend only the best catchers equipment in blue color for every player. And if you are an experienced catcher, you’ll find we have the largest selection of gloves, masks and protective equipment. At the best prices too!

Our mission is to search the web for the best prices for baseball catchers gear, selections and present them to you. We review dozens of retailers each day. When you select an item, we then send you to the retailer to complete your purchase online. Should you want to look at more items, simply return to this page.

Brands of Blue Catchers Gear

On this website we strive to provide you with the newest equipment when it comes available from top brands names including All Star, Diamond, Easton, Louisville, Mizuno, Nike, Under Armour, and Wilson.

The position of catcher is one of the most interesting in not only baseball but in any other sport found in the world. Although often compared to a hockey goalie, the catcher has many more responsibilities or duties than any position played in other sports.

The catchers primary role is obviously to catch the ball thrown by the pitcher. But the amount of micro-managing that a catcher performs game in game out far exceeds the responsibilities of other positions. Some of the best catchers that play often assist managers with player positioning on the field, and always remain focused on what opposing runners are doing on the base paths. It’s always a joy to watch the pros and how well they handle everything at once.

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Types of Catchers Gear

Perhaps you are simply looking for individual pieces of gear to update or replace some of your current equipment? If so you are in luck. On this website, you can find all of the gear you need for behind the plate including Chest Protector, Leg Guards, Mask, and Mitt.


Blue Catchers Gear Accessories

Yes we carry Accessories as well! Catchers Gear isn’t easy to lug around day in day out. A Catchers Equipment Bag is the perfect compliment to go along with your equipment. You can find both wheeled and non-wheeled version of equipment bags depending on your needs and budget.


What to look for when buying Catchers Gear

With all that catchers do day in day out, they also have to deal with the elements. Imagine hot sunny weather with that much extra equipment being worn! Unfortunately catchers have to deal with these sorts of elements all the time. Thankfully in today’s game countless innovations have been made in the catchers gear area. Some of the equipment even includes ventilation ports allowing the cool air to come in the hot air to go out.

As a former catcher myself, I know how tough it can be to find the right equipment to wear. Ideally, you want to find equipment that is comfortable, and made with material that will protect you at all times. However, you also want equipment that is light in weight especially in those grueling hot days in the summer heat. One of the most under appreciated aspects of the catcher is his ability to keep at the top of his game despite being covered in much more equipment than his fellow players. Make sure to treat yourself to proper fitting equipment so that made from the top brands for your next game!

We hope you find exactly what you are looking for. Should you need any additional information of are looking for a specific piece of equipment, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Deciding on which set to choose can be very difficult as the choice depends on many factors including:

  • Brands – let’s face it, some brands are more recommended than the others. On this website you will find what we consider to be the best in the business. Typically, most catchers gravitate towards Easton gear right now, but Under Armour is becoming more and more popular all the time.
  • Sizing – to be comfortable behind the plate, a catcher must have properly fitted equipment. Each set on this website for the most part come in all sorts of different sizes.
  • Cost – although more expensive than individual pieces, catchers sets can cost from $100 to $400 depending on the size, brand, and the features included. Beginner catchers can rest assured that there are sets out there that won’t cost an arm and a leg. But for those competitive catchers looking to take their game to the next level we have you covered as well.
  • Features – Baseball catchers nowadays are concerned with three main features: comfort, mobility, and protection. Without all 3 components, you are better off not sitting behind the plate.

How to Size Catchers Gear

Leg Guards – To measure the size of leg guards you will need, take a piece of measuring tape and measure from the middle of you knee to the top of your ankle. Match the resulting length (in inches) to the nearest model available from the purchasing location. For instance, some retail locations size by single unit increments (i.e 12, 13, 14) whereas others use half inch increments (13.5, 14, 14.5, etc).

Chest Protector – To measure the chest protector length, take a piece of measuring tape and measure from the bottom of your throat to your belly button area. Match the resulting length (in inches) to the nearest model available from the purchasing location.

Head Gear – To measure the size of head gear, either take a piece of measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head just above your ears, or take the size obtained from a fitted baseball cap. Match the resulting length (in inches) to the nearest model available from the purchasing location. Since head gear comes in many different shapes and styles, the measurement may differ between goalie style masks and regular catchers head gear.


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