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First Aid for Baseball

Baseball is a very physical game. Though it doesn’t involve beating each other up like in boxing, or pinning somebody to the ground like wrestling, many players can get injured while playing baseball. When you think about it, so many things can go wrong. Many accidents can happen, from having dislocated shoulders, ankle sprains, to torn ligaments and broken wrists, playing baseball without having a first aid kit is a very bad idea.

Now, first aid is not about solving the problem with a miraculous cure. When somebody is injured, first aid is about keeping things in a bare minimum degree of danger, so things do not get worse than they already are.

The first thing that you should know about injuries is that they come in two kinds: cumulative and acute. Cumulative injuries are the ones caused by the overuse of your body parts. The longer you play, the more your muscles, tendons and other body parts are stressed and worked out too much. Muscle can tear, bones and cartilage can weaken and tendons and ligaments can be stretched beyond their capacity. These can lead to serious injuries in the long run, like tendinitis and arthritis.

Cumulative injuries are caused by overworking so the remedy is to simply to not overwork yourself, or, in the case of baseball, don’t overplay. Though you maybe excited for the season, getting injured because of overwork won’t allow you to play at all. After every game or practice, have good night’s sleep and relax. Having a healthy diet can help also help you cope with being tired and overworked.

First aid is basically applied to acute injuries, or injuries that happen in an instant. These include cuts, bruises, sprains, dislocated joints and broken bones. Sprains can happen when a player loses his footing or accidentally tumbles. Dislocated joints can happen the same way as well, or if a pitcher throws too hard or a batter hits without control. Broken fingers and wrists can be caused by being accidentally hit by a bat or when a player catches a ball the wrong way, since balls can go as fast as 40 meters per second.

In case these injuries happen, it’s best to have a first aid with antibiotics, bandages, swabs, clean water and a lot of ice. Ice is especially important in first aid because it relieves the pain and it keeps the injured body parts from swelling too rapidly. For very serious injuries, like broken bones and cuts that don’t stop bleeding, get the player to a hospital as soon as possible.

Being injured might also have to do with having the wrong equipment, like using cheaply made catcher’s gloves or gloves that don’t fit