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How to Choose the Right Baseball Bat

Choosing the right kind of baseball bat is important for excelling in the sport. One needs to seriously consider various factors while purchasing the right kind of bat.

If baseball is something that you just cannot live without, you are not alone. There are innumerable people in this country who have a similar kind of passion for this amazing sport. Playing baseball is an experience in it itself but an important thing to remember here is that playing baseball is one thing and excelling in the sport is just another. Baseball is a sport that requires talent as well as quality equipment. Baseball bats play an important role in the performance of the players and therefore it is crucial to select a baseball bat after seriously considering all the aspects associated with them. If you are a young player, you must consider factors such as your age, size of the bat, grade of play, your strength, regulations of the game, and price of the bat for picking up the right kind of bat.

Before purchasing a bat, try to find out the particular regulations of your baseball league as there is a lot of difference in regulations of different leagues in the USA. For instance, high school regulations require a bat barrel to be of 2-5/8 inches in diameter and to have a drop weight of minus-3. “Drop Weight” is the difference between the weight and length of the bat. For instance, a 34-inch bat that weighs in ounces has a drop weight of minus-4. High school leagues also require bats to have BESR (Bat Exit Speed Rating) sticker. Senior amateur leagues may not be having similar regulations. Restrictions are also there regarding the material used for manufacturing of the bats. Professional players are required to have wooden bats that cannot be hollowed out or “corked”. Beginner leagues have their own regulations regarding the use of material for construction of youth baseball bats.

Selection of the material is an important aspect of choosing the right kind of bat. If regulations allow you to use any type of bat, study in detail about the pros and cons of different materials. Composite bats are lighter in weight than aluminum ones but can get damaged because of cold and rainfall. Apart from this, composite bats are also more expensive than aluminum bats. Wooden bats are quite cost effective but they are not as powerful as the ones made from aluminum and composite material. Weight and length of the bat are equally important factors to consider. Bats of different lengths and weight can be found at online stores dealing in baseball bats. Check out any good online store dealing in baseball equipment for getting a baseball bat that is right for you.